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Grandstream Solutions for Education

Grandstream solutions allow schools to build powerful communications and security networks that increase the flow of communication while proactively keeping any school safe and secure. The GDS series of Facility Access devices enable schools to track, manage and record access to any door – and combining it with Grandstream IP phones creates a robust intercom network that allows staff to permit visitor access from any phone. To support mobility, our Cordless WiFi and DECT IP phones allow teachers, administrators, custodial and security staff to be reached anywhere in the school while also extending mobile facility access control. To top it off, the GWN series allows schools to build long-range WiFi networks that are secure and easy-to-manage. Grandstream even offers video conferencing devices, IP PBXs and more. If you are looking to build a communication solution for any school, Grandstream has everything you need.

The GDS series of Facility Access devices allows schools to easily track, manage and record access to any door while also creating a voice (GDS3705) and video (GDS3710) intercom. Combine the GDS series with Grandstream IP phones so that staff can speak with visitors and allow or restrict access from their phone.

Grandstream’s Mobility solutions allow key administrators to always be reachable. Our WiFi cordless phones easily integrate with any WiFi network, support roaming and can be easily scaled, while our DECT solutions offer a more cost-effective cordless solution. Both devices can be integrated with the GDS series for mobile facility access control.

Classroom & Administrator Phones

Grandstream IP phones make it easy for staff to communicate through crystal-clear HD audio while adding important features such as speed-dial keys, a wide-range of headset options, large phonebooks, paging and more. They also offer intercom functionality when combined with the GDS series (GXP2100 series adds video screen shots; GXV series adds streaming HD video).

WiFi and Networking

The GWN series enables schools to build long-range WiFi networks that can support hundreds of devices per access point. They can be optimized to prioritize voice or video traffic, making them ideal for WiFi voice solutions. Also, GWN.Cloud offers a robust, centralized and free management platform.

Video Conferencing

The Android-based GVC3210 offers tremendous flexibility with an all-in-one design at a price point you won’t believe – ideal for communicating with parents, community leaders and guest speakers.


The UCM series can be deployed by schools to build scalable and redundant communication networks. They support up to thousands of endpoints, video and mobility features and do not require any on-going fees.

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