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What are the use cases of GDS3710 HD Video Door System?2020-04-29T08:38:21+00:00

The GDS3710 is an HD Video Door System that tracks, manages and records access to any physical building while also serving as an IP surveillance camera and IP intercom.


It offers powerful integration with other Grandstream solutions in order to offer a complete solution for access-control, video intercom and security monitoring.

Does GDS3705 / 3710 IP Video Door Lock system possible to Unlock using SIP Video Phone or GS wave Apps without pressing physical Exit button?2020-04-29T08:39:39+00:00


Does GDSxx series come with any built-in HR Software?2020-04-29T08:47:27+00:00

Yes, GDSxx series comes with FREE GDS Manager software to monitor/track all your employees through all the GDSxx devices.

What are the 802.11 Wi-Fi Standards Generation?2020-04-29T08:42:48+00:00

802.11b (Wi-Fi 1), 802.11a (Wi-Fi 2), 802.11g (Wi-Fi 3), 802.11n (Wi-Fi 4), 802.11ac (Wi-Fi 5),

802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6)

Does Grandstream AP Support License free Cloud Controller?2020-04-29T08:44:25+00:00

Yes. GWN Cloud Support Free cloud Enterprise Controller for all Grandstream APs.

Does Grandstream AP Support Captive Portal?2020-04-29T08:45:47+00:00

Yes, Grandstream Management platform have Custom Captive portal which support 3rd Party RADIUS-server also.

What Does MU-MIMO Mean?2020-04-29T08:50:12+00:00

Multi-user MIMO (MU-MIMO) is a set of multiple-input and multiple-output (MIMO) technologies for wireless communication, in which a set of users or wireless terminals, each with one or more antennas, communicate with each other.

What Does Meant Wave-2 device mean?2020-04-29T08:51:29+00:00

MU-MIMO Supported Device are Wave-2 AP’s. 4 data streams & additional 160MHz Channel.

Does Grandstream AP Support PoE Injector/Switch and Power Adapter both?2020-04-29T08:53:53+00:00

Yes, Grandstream AP supports both PoE as well as power adapter.

Does GS Indoor AP work 360-degree Omni Direction?2020-04-29T08:54:33+00:00


Does any additional controller device require for GWN AP?2020-04-29T08:57:37+00:00

No. Grandstream have embedded controller in it. Which can control 50 GWN AP’s by itself.

Does Grandstream have On Premises Controller?2020-04-29T09:01:43+00:00

Yes, GWN Manager is a free On-premises Enterprise Management Controller for all Grandstream AP’s.

Is there any option of redundancy for GWN master AP’s2020-04-29T09:03:52+00:00

Yes. We can configure any slave AP as a failover AP over the network. Which can act such that when master AP become unavailable, the failover AP automatically become master and keep the network running.

Can we manage bandwidth using GWN AP?2020-04-29T09:05:42+00:00

Yes. Grandstream AP have VLAN tagging option to manage bandwidth. we can also manage bandwidth according to SSID as well as client.

Does UCM Support E1/T1/J1/PRI/BRI/ISDN Interface Lines?2020-04-29T09:48:24+00:00

Yes, UCM Support analog PSTN and Digital ISDN trunk with VoIP networks using GXW45xx Series Gateway.

What is meant by SIP account?2020-04-14T05:39:18+00:00

A SIP account is a set of credentials that allows users IP Phone to make voice and video calls over the Internet using VoIP technology.

A SIP Account can also be referred as an User Extension.

What is the minimum port capacity of Analog FXS Gateway?2020-04-29T09:51:39+00:00

HT800 Series ATA Gateway start from 1 port up to 8 FXS port.

Does UCM Series Server Support 3rd Party API & application integration?2020-04-14T05:46:51+00:00


Does UCM Support additional FXO Line beside default FXO port?2020-04-29T09:54:43+00:00

Yes, all the Grandstream UCM Servers support additional FXO & FXS line and the default capacity can also be extended via GXW41xx series FXO Gateways and GXW42xx series FXS Gateways.

Does UCM Support Emergency alert/Announcement to whole system user?2020-04-29T09:56:03+00:00

Yes, Using UCM Paging/Intercom service if white listed Phone Extension dial any Intercom SIP Speaker group extension like press 999, then all place GSC series speaker multicast the same emergency announcement.

Does UCM Allow Hosted IP PBX Business beside existing setup?2020-04-29T09:57:33+00:00

Yes, all existing Grandstream UCM can be provisioned to be used as Hosted IP PBX service [for business] alongside existing internal Telephony setup.

Does Grandstream UCM supports Third-party desktop apps/dialer (Zoiper,3CX) to get registered?2020-04-29T09:59:03+00:00

Yes. Grandstream Supports Third party desktop and mobile apps such as (Zoiper, 3CX) etc.

What is a SIP Trunk and how to use it?2020-04-14T05:39:59+00:00

Simply, a SIP Trunk is an IPTSP number where all calls are being routed through Internet.


SIP Trunk can be configured directly to any IP Phone set for Single call OR to UCM Server, in which Multiple Phones will be able to use a single SIP Trunk.


SIP Trunk Number Sample: +880 9606 999 645, +880 9606 999 644.

Does Grandstream UCM supports WebRTC based communication?2020-04-29T10:00:43+00:00

Yes. Grandstream UCM supports WebRTC based communication.

How IP Phone Line key function?2020-04-14T05:40:10+00:00

Line Keys are used for call forward to another extension and also multi conference between several Extension users.

Can I Integrate software-based PBX system such as Elastix/My PBX with Grandstream2020-04-29T10:02:17+00:00

Yes. We can integrate Asterisk based software PBX with Grandstream UCM.

Does Grandstream phone works with other software-based platforms (Elastix/Asterisk/My PBX etc.)?2020-04-29T10:06:08+00:00

Yes. Grandstream phone works with all software platforms based on Asterisk.

What is XML Soft Keys?2020-04-29T10:07:12+00:00

A soft key is a key on an IP Phone that can have context-sensitive or user-programmable functions, but generally it just means it has more than one function. Unlike letters on the keyboard and number keys on cell phones which cannot be reprogrammed and are therefore considered as hard keys, soft keys can change its function.

What is the default ID & Password for Grandstream Phones?2020-04-29T10:08:59+00:00

Default ID: admin & Password: admin

Where I can find the firmware of Grandstream phones?2020-04-29T10:10:14+00:00

(Note: Please make sure that your phone’s power does not turn off during the firmware upgradation process.

Grandstream UCM Server Capacity2020-04-14T05:46:28+00:00
  • UCM6202: 500 users | 50 concurrent calls
  • UCM6204: 500 users | 75 concurrent calls
  • UCM6208: 800 users | 100 concurrent calls
  • UCM6510: 2000 users | 200 concurrent calls
  • UCM6301: 50 users | 15 concurrent calls
  • UCM6302: 1000 users | 200 concurrent calls
  • UCM6304: 2000 users | 300 concurrent calls
  • UCM6308: 6000 users | 400 concurrent calls
What is the default IP of GXP phones?2020-04-29T10:13:21+00:00 is the default IP address of GXP phones.
You can log into the web console of Grandstream phones connecting the phone’s PC port to Laptop/Desktop’s network port by configuring the Laptop/Desktop the same series IP.

What is the function of BLF Keys in IP Phone?2020-04-14T05:40:23+00:00

BLF stands for Busy Lamp Field (BLF) & it has three major functions:


  1. It can be used for Speed Dialing
  2. It can change its color [red / green] to help identify if the other user’s phone is busy or not
  3. It can be used for Call Forwarding
How Auxiliary RJ9, EHS Ports functions?2020-04-14T05:40:39+00:00

RJ9 Electronic Hook Switch port is used for Headset  connectivity with IP Phone set.

What is the function of two Network Port on a Single Desk Phone?2020-04-14T05:40:44+00:00

Typically for Single User Desk Two Network Line is required, one for Laptop/PC LAN connection & second line for IP Phone Connection. To reduce cable complexity IP phone double Network port, provide single Cat-6 cable line for both PC & Phone Connection on bridge mode.

How GDMS feature provide advantage?2020-04-14T05:54:22+00:00

Grandstream Device Management System (GDMS) is a zero-touch cloud provisioning and management system that provides easy-to-use enterprise-level tools to manage Grandstream products before, during and after deployment.


It provides a centralized interface to provision, manage, monitor and troubleshoot Grandstream products.

How to upload contact list in Grandstream IP Phone?2020-04-14T11:04:32+00:00

Contact List can be uploaded via .XML format file.

Does Grandstream Application Support direct Dial Interface from Web Interface?2020-04-14T11:04:04+00:00


How does Bluetooth pairing help IP Phone user?2020-04-14T11:08:33+00:00

By Pairing your Mobile Phone with Bluetooth-enabled IP Phone, ALL your mobile phone calls can be controlled through the IP Phone. Also mobile phone contacts can be synced with the IP Phone.

Which IP Phone series does GBX20 Extension Module Support?2020-04-14T11:10:27+00:00

GBX20 Extension Module Support GRP-series Carrier Grade Phone & GXV3350.

Which series Grandstream IP Phone Support Largest Extension Module?2020-04-14T11:13:25+00:00

GXP2200EXT Module support GXP21xx series IP Phone & GXV3240 Video Phone, daisy chain up to 4 extension modules for 160 contacts/extensions.

Which Series Grandstream IP Phone Model is recommend as Master/Reception Phone?2020-04-14T11:15:26+00:00

GXP21xx & GRP Series IP Phone Set are recommended for heavy load users like Master/Reception Phone.

Which Series Grandstream Phone Support Audio Conferencing?2020-04-14T11:34:07+00:00

All the Grandstream Phones support Audio Conferencing by default.

What is the maximum range of WP820 Wi-Fi Phone??2020-04-14T11:35:50+00:00

For Enterprise Wi-Fi Phone, actually there is no fixed range, it depends on Wi-Fi Access Point (AP) / Router SSID range Coverage.


Traditional [DECT] band wireless Phone is connected with Base Station which has limited distance coverage and has no interaction with Existing Wi-Fi AP/Router. And thus WP820 Wi-Fi phone has greater capacity as well as flexibility.

Does WP850 Support GSM 3G/4G SIM Slot for Outside Mobility ?2020-04-14T11:37:09+00:00

Yes, it is a 4G enabled Cellular Device.


The WP850 is a high-end mobile computing device designed for users on the go who need access to reliable mobile scanning software. This powerful, portable device comes equipped with integrated dual-band 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi support, advanced antenna design and roaming support, and integrated Bluetooth for pairing with headsets and mobile devices. The WP850 is equipped with 20-hour talk time, 5.7-inch HD touch screen and IP67 dustproof, waterproof, and drop safe height

What is the ideal Deployment Scenario for WP850 Device?2020-04-14T11:38:29+00:00

The WP850 is ideal for deployment scenarios such as healthcare facilities, retail locations, building security, logistic environments, etc.

Does Grandstream have any mobile app?2020-04-14T11:40:12+00:00

Grandstream Wave is the FREE mobile application which is supported on both Android & iOS. It gives an user extra flexibility to always remain virtually connected with Business/Personal contacts.

Does Grandstream IP Phone Support CTI Application?2020-04-14T11:42:35+00:00

GXP17xx & GXP21xx series IP Phones Support Computer Telephony Integration [CTI] named as GS Affinity.

What is the advantage of GS Affinity?2020-04-14T11:43:52+00:00

Through GS Affinity Computer Application a user can control/manage telephone calls using computer.

Does Grandstream UCM Server support FXO & FXS port by default?2020-04-14T12:11:19+00:00

Yes, every Gandstream UCM server support FXO & FXS port by default.

How many SIP Trunks does Grandstream UCM Server support?2020-04-14T12:13:11+00:00

Grandstream UCM 6200 Series Server supports 50 SIP Trunks.

What is meant FXO/PSTN Trunk?2020-04-22T04:55:19+00:00

FXO (Foreign Exchange Office) is the port that receives the analog line/connection. It is the plug on the phone or fax machine or the plug(s) on your analog phone system.

BTCL FXO Number example: 02 932xxxx, 02 932xxxx.

What is meant FXS Trunk?2020-04-22T04:56:19+00:00

FXS stands for Foreign Exchange Subscriber. An FXS port is an interface that connects station devices such as your phones or PBX to a VoIP adapter.

FXS is an RJ11 port that connects internally to an analog office phone or fax machine to analog PABX machine/Server.

Does UCM Support existing Analog Phone set with new IP PABX & Phone system?2020-04-22T05:00:53+00:00

Yes, Grandstream UCM Server is cross-compatible with any other Analog Phones, Analog PBX systems. Also Grandstream UCM can be paired with IP-based servers as well and can be deployed as multi-tier connectivity.

Can UCM Server be used as Intercom System for any residential/Commercial building?2020-04-22T05:00:15+00:00

Yes, if customer don’t want to integrate SIP Trunk, then the Grandstream UCM IP PBX will work as Intercom system.

Can Grandstream UCM be used Public Addressing (PA) system beside Intercom & Telephony System at residential /Commercial/Hospital/Education project?2020-04-22T05:01:26+00:00

Yes, Integrating Grandstream GSC35xx Series SIP-based Speaker & Microphone device with UCM Server, any Public Addressing/Announcement can be done including one way/both way communication.

Does UCM Support Call Recording CDR?2020-04-22T05:02:45+00:00

Yes, using SD Card, USB 2.0 Flash drive/USB 3.0 portable drive, System Admin can store all Call Detail Record [CDR].

Does UCM Support Multi-Layer IVR recording?2020-04-22T05:03:27+00:00

Yes, UCM support any pre-recording IVR, up to 5-layer custom positioning.

Does UCM Support failover / redundancy of multiple server?2020-04-22T05:11:23+00:00

UCM6510 supports failover switching between 2 UCM6510 Server using HA100 Controller.

Can we pair multiple UCM for extended capacity?2020-04-22T05:11:18+00:00

Yes. We can pair multiple UCM to extend the capacity & decentralize the IP-PBX Deployment.

Is there any way that an user can monitor his CDR and Call Recording?2020-04-22T05:07:49+00:00

Yes. Grandstream have individual user interface, which makes it easier for individual user to monitor CDR, Call Recording, Voice Mail and other personal data.

Can we Integrate Analog PBX with Grandstream?2020-04-22T05:09:02+00:00

Yes. We can integrate analog PBX with Grandstream UCM
[Certain dependencies may arise due to very old Analog PBX Models]

Does Grandstream Video Collaboration products need mandatory 3rd party software license?2020-04-22T05:16:58+00:00

NO, Grandstream products does not need any additional 3rd party license. It can connect via Android apps, IP calling, UCM Server, IPVideoTalk cloud application.

Which Grandstream Video Collaboration Product Support Physical MCU functions?2020-04-22T05:14:32+00:00

GVC3200 & GVC3202 Support Physical MCU functions. GVC3210 Support point to point Video conferencing but using Cloud Platform [like IPVideoTalk] multi point Video Conferencing is possible.

Which Grandstream Video Collaboration Product comes with built-in Speaker and Microphone??2020-04-22T05:18:06+00:00

GVC3210 has built-in Speaker & Microphone and support 4k Video Resolution.

GVC3200 & GVC3202 comes with external GAC2500 Audio Microphone-speaker device to cover larger conference rooms.

In Grandstream Video Collaboration system, does the Remote Attendees must have VC Hardware?2020-04-22T05:28:54+00:00

NO, the remote/other attendees can join using Computer/GS Wave Softphone app/IP Phone.

Is there any Cloud Collaboration Application included with Grandstream Video Collaboration Product?2020-04-22T05:21:56+00:00

Yes, ALL the Grandstream Video Collaboration Product comes with 1st-year Free Cloud Collaboration Application – IPVideoTalk.

Is there any On-Premise Video Conferencing Server from Grandstream?2020-04-22T05:23:07+00:00

IPVT10 is Grandstream’s On-Premise server designed to support the needs of modern enterprises.

It offers a state-of-the-art collaboration platform complete with rich video and audio features to provide a centralized, scalable solution to manage an entire businesses’ conferencing needs.

Can we use Cisco WebEx app in GVC2020-04-22T05:24:18+00:00

Yes. GVC3210 is compatible with Cisco WebEx app.

Using IP Phone Set or GS Wave Softphone App, can anyone join on GAC2500 Audio Conferencing?2020-04-22T05:27:29+00:00

Yes, any user with SIP-enabled extension can connect to GAC2500 Audio Conferencing device.

Does VC Hardware yearly License renew Mandatory in Grandstream?2020-04-22T05:30:09+00:00

ALL Grandstream Products are one-time purchase only and the firmware support is lifetime.

There’s no need for any yearly License renewal.

Can another Brand VC attend a video conference with Grandstream?2020-04-29T08:29:02+00:00

Yes. GVC series supports direct IP calling which makes it possible to connect with any other Brand VC in video conference with GVC Series.