Hosted IP-PBX

The development of Communication Technology has leveraged mobility at its best. Hosted IP-PBX is one such communication service that eases all the agony for deploying the IP-based communication system. With quicker setup and user friendly features, all your employees would be connected to the same office communication/telephone system and the businesses don’t have to be concerned on any maintenance or any such. This Hosted IP-PBX service is scalable and thus this virtual telephone system would keep expanding as per business needs.

Hosted IP-PBX is a service where the Communication Platform is deployed and maintained at the service provider’s location. The Platform is virtualized in a way such that it would be simulated to serve your business communication requirements. The end users would be connected via Internet to avail the service. This service allows businesses to have a full-fledged business-grade communication system with any capital investment on telephony equipment. This would allow employees work from anywhere in the world while still being connected to the same office communication network.

Hosted IP PBX service includes:

A.    Auto Attendants: This service enables users to configure interactive IVR, call queues and groups. This can be enabled as Always On, Time based and sub-level based on using in different departments within the office.

B.    Call Management: Call routing/configuration, call hold, call transfer, call forwarding, call forwarding, follow me, incoming DID routing, automatic call distribution, etc. can be configured through this service.

C.    Call Conference: Make Audio/Video Conference calls to connect to multiple sites/people.

D.    Reporting: Fetch real-time records of CDR [Call Detail Record] , call volume graphs during different range of time, etc.

E.    Make FREE Calls within your Organization: You can make FREE calls to anyone within your organization as long as they are connected to your organization’s communication system.

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