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  • Supports 2 SIP accounts and 4 multi-purpose line keys
  • GRP2612P have integrated PoE
  • 320*240(2.4”) TFT Color LCD Display
  • 2*100M Network Interface
  • Enterprise-level protection including secure boot, dual firmware images, and encrypted data storag
  • Up to 16 digital BLF Keys
  • Swappable faceplate to allow for easy logo customization



Product Datasheet


Grandstream GRP2612P Carrier-Grade 2-line IP Phone with POE

Grand stream GRP2612P is a basic VoIP phone that supports two SIP accounts. GRP2612P is an entry-level desk phone fit for everyday use in the office. The phone has a 2.4″ color display, which makes using the phone simple. Designed for the modern workplace, it features HD audio including support for the Opus codec. It has enterprise-level security features, including secure boot, dual firmware images, and data storage encryption.

Grand stream GRP2612P is designed to be a carrier-grade phone, which means that it’s much simpler to deploy an entire fleet of phones. The entire GRP2600 series has unified firmware to streamline deployment. The faceplate is swappable for simple customization. GRP2612P has dual Fast Ethernet ports and supports PoE.