Adaptable Video Conferencing Solutions

Emerging VC trends and its increasing demand is driving business to adopt video conferencing in their everyday communications. In fact, *54% of employees participate regularly in video conferencing, with internal meetings being the highest used at 58%. A growing number that serves as an indicator that video conference is becoming a growing necessity on businesses’ communication. Grandstream offers a variety of integrated and easily adaptable video conferencing technology for dynamic environments. The solution features 3 different video conferencing hardware systems, an on-premise VC server, a conferencing phone and a web collaboration cloud-based service for all business conferencing needs.

In this guide you’ll learn everything there is to know about Grandstream’s video conferencing solutions, its advantages, key features, ideal deployment scenarios, as well as how to position and market these products.

Why Grandstream

Grandstream manufacturers award-winning IP products serving enterprises and consumer markets. One of the advantages of choosing Grandstream is its comprehensive portfolio of SIP unified communications solutions. This allows users to build a full communications solution all under the Grandstream brand. With video conferencing solutions from Grandstream, users get devices that integrate with popular apps, platforms and services. These VC solutions are also flexible because they can be deployed in different environments and adapted to work in your working space.

Business conferencing solutions from Grandstream include:

  • GVC series – video conference hardware devices

  • GAC2500 – audio conferencing phone

  • IPVT10 – on-premise video conferencing server

  • IPVideoTalk – video conferencing cloud platform

Video Conferencing Hardware

GVC3200 and GVC3202- VC Hardware Systems

Grandstream offers powerful, and extremely flexible video conference hardware systems that can be used with most video and web conferencing services. The GVC3200 has slightly more powerful features than the GVC3202, but both bring collaboration and ease-of-use features right to your conference room.

GVC3210- Video Conferencing Endpoint

The GVC3210 is ideal for small to medium businesses who seek an easy-to-use yet potent video conferencing solution. It’s easily adaptable as it can be paired with most video and web conferencing services to create a multi-point conferencing system and includes WiFi and Bluetooth support.

Audio Conference

GAC2500- AndroidTM-Based Conference Phone

One of the many benefits of the GVC series is that it comes with the GAC2500 as one complete video conference package (also available for separate purchase). Whether you purchase the GVC3200 or GVC3202, the Android-based GAC2500 will be part of your solution, arming you with the necessary components to build one powerful and collaborative VC solution. Let’s learn more about the GAC2500.

  • 6 lines, 6 SIP accounts, 7-way voice conferencing

  • Built-in 7-way Conference Bridge

  • 4.3” (800×480) capacitive touch screen for easy use

  • Auto-sensing Gigabit port, built-in PoE support

  • Runs Android 4.4

  • Bluetooth & WiFi support

  • Full HD audio

Video Conferencing Server

IPVT10- Enterprise On-Premise VC Server

Grandstream’s on-premise video conferencing server is designed for dynamic enterprise collaborations. Businesses can centralize and streamline all conferencing onto one network and seamlessly connect in real-time through visual communication.

  • Supports up to 300 participants & 10 conference sessions

  • Audio, video, recording and reporting capabilities

  • Up to 120 video feeds and 300 participants

  • Facebook & YouTube Live integration

  • Customized meeting reports

  • Advanced security protocols for secured conferencing experience

Cloud-Based Conferencing Platform

IPVideoTalk- Online Collaboration Service

Have better meetings, increase productivity and save money on business travel costs with IPVideoTalk. IPVideoTalk is Grandstream’s video, audio and web conferencing platform that allows users to meet with anyone, anytime, using almost any device. Grandstream offers a variety of plans for different needs.

Below is rundown of the plans offered as well as key features:

  • Plans for: Small Business, Standard Pro and Plus, starting at $15 per month

  • Host conference meetings and webinars

  • Video resolution of up to 1080p HD

  • Join meetings with 1-click using WebRTC capable browsers

  • Meeting reports with analytics and data

  • YouTube and Facebook Live integration

  • Personal Web Meetings Plan included with room system subscriptions

One-Year Free Subscription Included

Every GVC3200 and GVC3202 comes with a 1-year free trial of the Small Business Plan. Users can upgrade at any time to plans that better fit their needs.

The Small Business Plan includes:

  • 8 participants

  • Screen sharing

  • Up to 1080p resolution

  • Web browser, mobile app & PSTN line access

  • Webinar features

  • YouTube & Facebook Live integration

  • Reporting and Recording

How to Position and Market Grandstream’s Video Conferencing Solutions

Business Conference Positioning

Our business conferencing solutions combine unprecedented IP technology with high-quality service to deliver an all-in-one conferencing solution. This includes hardware equipment featuring a full video conferencing system and a conference phone to equip any conference room, huddle room or designated online meeting room with powerful VC devices. To build enterprise-grade conferencing platforms that unify all hardware and web collaboration, Grandstream offer IPVT10 On-Premise server. We also offer a cloud video, audio and web conferencing service, IPVideoTalk. Here, businesses can host online meetings that can be joined from anywhere, making collaboration accessible with one click. All four components make up Grandstream’s video conferencing solution, bringing collaboration and ease-of-use features right to your conference room or wherever you go.

Key Marketing Points

Throughout any online content, messaging or even verbal pitches about video conferencing solutions from Grandstream, focus on the following phrases:

  • Connecting your conference room anywhere, anytime with Grandstream’s business conferencing solutions

  • Transforming your conference experience by bringing mobility and flexibility to your conferencing equipment.

  • Grandstream conferencing solutions provide a foundation that offers you the choice and flexibility to customize your conferencing solution based on your company’s needs, not on the supplier’s restrictive solutions.

  • Our devices support any SIP-based platform and Android applications, adding adaptability and flexibility to any business conferencing solution.

  • Achieve a seamless, all-in-one video conferencing experience by unifying all your business conferencing needs onto one powerful network.

Ideal Deployment Scenarios

Large Conference Rooms

Host meetings with the GVC3200 or GVC3202 video conferencing system and invite attendees through IPVideoTalk, so they can join anywhere at any time. You can also build a centralized network to support many offices and remote workers with IPVT10

Huddle Rooms

In huddle rooms or small meeting spaces, use the GVC3210 to offer a streamlined, all-in-one device to access Android apps, IPVideoTalk or other services.

Mobile Meeting Spaces

Unify your video conferencing network with IPVT10, an on-premise enterprise video conferencing server, and turn any meeting room into a mobile space by having users host or join meetings from any device connected to the server.

Medical, Education, Online Training, Remote Workers, etc.

No matter the industry or need, users can integrate a video conferencing network through Grandstream’s on-premise server, IPVT10 and use video conferencing to unify all their collaboration needs.