Significant Lower Cost

While traditional PBX phone system needs maintenance and other costs on a regular basis, Grandstream’s IP Phone needs only one time cost for devices and setup. It doesn’t require additional cost as it uses your existing internet facility. So the cost is minimized significantly.

Conquer Any Location From Anywhere

Distance is not a problem for Grandstream‘s IP Phones. PBX phone system can only cover one location whereas Grandstream devices can be connected from anywhere of the world. It is useful for organizations having multiple locations in many countries.

Connect from Smartphone via App

You can connect your smartphone to the network of Grandstream via app- Grandstream WaveIt has both Apple and Android device versions.

Easier to Configure and Maintain

Grandstream‘s IP Phones are easier to configure than PBX Phones. They are also easy for maintaining for mass people.

Easy Portability

You can enjoy the facility of easy portability by using Grandstream‘s IP Phones as they are connected to internet only. You can place them anywhere without the fear of hassles of wire.